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Looking for a paint stripper or an industrial surface cleaner?
You have found it!

Stripping powder coating, E-Coat or liquid paint is a need or a problem for you? Furthermore, it reduces your productivity or causes delays in your workflow? Our expertise and our industrial paint removers can certainly help you! Our products meet the toughest environmental regulations such as REACH.

Whether you are looking to strip alloy wheels (rims), aerospace engines, aluminum, magnesium, copper, steel or titanium parts, the Greensolv products will help you reduce your operating costs and increase your productivity while being green.

You will also find excellent degreasers, cleaners, passivation agents and conditioners that will fulfill your needs.


PRE-PAINT GUIDE – How to prepare a surface

Steel Aluminium Concrete Woods


Powder coating removal
Greensolv 273WL & 293WL, and G-Strip 250 & Additive G-Strip 255-8

Rim paint stripping (aluminum)
Greensolv 273WL & 293WL

Aerospace immersion coating removal
Greensolv 274WL & 294WL

Tank cleaning and stripping
G-Strip 250 & Additives G-Strip 255-8

Industrial cleaning (alkaline, neutral or acidic, 0% VOC)
G-Max 328, 306M & 399, G-Control 420, 812 & 815

Rust and Oxidation removal
G-Clean 257 & 327

Passivation of stainless steel surfaces
G-Clean 247 & 249

Solvent Degreasing
Greensolv 920EK, 925PM, 931, 940, 941 & 951

Wood Stain stripping & rejuvenating
G-Max 308

We serve the following markets and hopefully yours soon :
United States of America (USA) : New England (New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Buffalo), Midwest (Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Cleveland), Porto Rico
Canada : Ontario (Toronto, London, Windsor, Ottawa, Hamilton), Quebec (Montreal, Quebec, Gatineau, Sherbrooke);

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